About Us

Jesus taught us that the greatest command was to love God and to love our neighbor. We believe our primary purpose is thus to worship God, and in that worship find the resources to love our neighbors.

We desire to teach the Word of God in such a way that we provide practical answers to life’s questions that are in keeping with God’s Truth. The instruction of God’s Word plants seeds of truth, but if those seeds are not planted in soil cultivated by true worship, it will lead only to sterile orthodoxy. True worship is the intellectual, emotional, and physical response that arises out of a person’s recognition of God’s nature. Everything done in our services is an attempt to draw our people into a condition of worship—through the spoken word, through music, through drama, through the arts, etc.

Here at Community Bible Fellowship, you will find our services informal, yet intentional. While we spend much time prayerfully planning each service so that God can effectively speak to all in attendance, we desire to give the Holy Spirit free reign to move as He sees fit.